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India's Premier Hydrographics

Water Transfer Printing Parts - Over 200+ Hydrographic Designs

Hydrographics - Wood Effect
Bajaj Back Cover - Wood Effect
Hydrographics - Carbon Effect
Ertiga WheelCap - Carbon Fiber Effect
Hydrographics - Marble Effect
Bolero WheelCap - Marble Effect
Hydrographics - Abstract Design
Mahindra Engine Cover - Abstract Design


Idea generation, film selection, sample approval, production scheduling, tool design, moulding approval, etc.


Make the base of Hydrographics with superior quality moulds and Milacron moulding machines.


We dip the moulded part with utmost care and creative passion to get the best result. 

assembly & delivery

Assemble the parts on our lean assembly line and package it well to deliver to customers in the shortest lead time.

Hydrographics Facility

Hydrographics Facility 1
Hydrographics Facility 2
Hydrographics Facility 3
Hydrographics Facility 4
Hydrographics Facility 5
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