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Hyflyer’s vision is to develop and produce sustainable premium products with green technologies. We not only develop durable and unique products, but also develop new technologies indigenously. Our goal is to offer widest range of decorative finishing to automotive, electrical appliances, interiors and home furnishing industry. We are continuously developing ourselves to become a one-stop solution for these industries – ideation, tool development, moulding, decorative finishing, assembly and delivery. As we also serve automotive industry, we follow highest quality standards and aspire to continuously strive for sustainability.


Continuous Product Innovations: We are constantly churning ideas, which add value to daily life experiences. Product design is one of our core competences and we spend ample amount of time on the drawing board to critically and strategically launch products.


Green Technologies: Our strong environmental values lead us towards practical green technologies, which we develop indigenously and scale it up to commercial level. Our technologies are as innovative and instrumental as our products.


Customer Delight: We strive to always surprise our customers with exiting offerings in terms of products and technologies. We never compromise on customer satisfaction and always aim high to offer them unique products and technologies to add zing to their lives and business models.


Sustainability: A product’s durability and sustainability is the key to its success and we offer exactly that. Our products not only sustains competition because of its uniqueness but also sustains harsh environmental conditions to consistently add value to daily lives of our customers.


Ethics: We practice complete transparency while conducting business. Our passion and determination define our character and not our assets. We believe in collaborative growth and resourceful utilization of our facilities and resources.


“I am like George Lucas, who wanted to make Star Wars. He didn’t know how to make the movie. So he said, let’s get ten people who think they know how to make Star Wars. But for that they have to make software. But to make software, you need an office. But to build an office you need to buy computers. And so let’s put it all together, start a company like Lucas’ Industrial Light & Magic and make a film like Star Wars."

I have always held businesses which are driven by passion and determination. And our newest venture is the fruit of our imaginations and hopes. We hope to create innovative products that will change lives and redefine living. We want to provide the most luxurious products to each and every one in the society.

Neeta Shah, Managing Director

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